Thursday, February 23, 2012

How do you know your addicted to the internet?

Our lives have altered forever due to the expansion of internet usage that we currently have. Computers, internet, notepads, i-pads are a usual and familiar spectacle everywhere we go. However, could we live our lives without them. This is were the question "how do you know your addicted to the internet", comes to the forefront and makes us think twice of our addiction.

Some paradigms of how bad our addiction can get follow:
- After a full stop you write .com
-You introduce yourself by giving your email.
-You move house and the first thing you install is the internet.
-You go on holiday and choose a hotel according to whether it has WiFi.
-You use words like, lol, brb..when speaking and writing essays
- You go out and you check your emails and Facebook status.

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