Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The largest underground city in the world

The largest underground city in the world will be created in an abandoned diamond mine in the industrial area of  Eastern Siberia, Russia. The Eco-City, as it is called, will be built within a massive hole, with a diameter of one kilometre and depth of 550 meters. This project is based on the idea of creating a "Green" city, which will be fully protected against extreme weather conditions in Siberia; the existence of a large glass dome, that will cover the whole city, will contribute towards this objective. 

This new project is expected to attract thousands of people and according to various preliminary indications it will be able to accommodate more than 100.000 people. They will be divided into three main levels, which will include forests, homes, recreation areas and more. The city's source of energy will be the dome, with its solar cells that will feed power to the entire city. It will also be a tourist attraction for countless Russians and foreigners.  

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