Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coca Cola interesting facts

There have been countless myths regarding Coca Cola, which occasionally have been verified by various researches. Some of these interesting facts are:
- It is the most recognizable word in the world after the word "ok". 
- It was invented by John Pemberton, initially for the treatment of headaches. The original recipe is currently secured in the bank "Sun Trust Bank" in Atlanta since 1919. 
- In many U.S. states the police patrol have 2 gallons of Coca Cola in order to clean the blood off the road after an accident. 
- Production of Coca Cola is equal to the production of water at Niagara Falls, i.e. approximately 1.5 million litres per second. 

- It's served warm in various countries. 
- It contained cocaine until 1905, which was used legally at the time as an analgesic drug, since being primarily used as a pharmaceutical drug. Cocaine was later replaced by caffeine. 
- It can be used for cleaning the toilet, it removes fat and loosens the rusted bolts. 
- It is an excellent antidepressant when a jellyfish stings you. 
- More than 15.000 Coca Colas (cans, bottles...) are consumed worldwide every second. 
- When cooking pork, a little bit of Coca Cola makes the meat tender and juicy. 
- In order to remove grease stains from a garment, adding Coca Cola with the detergents and then washing them again will result in the disappearance of any stains. 
- To transfer the concentrated solution of Coca Cola with a truck it is usually marked as "Hazardous Material" which means high risk material. 

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