Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greece is not East Germany!

Greece is not East Germany!

Apparently Angela Merkel is secretly preparing a six-point plan to revive Greece in the same way that East Germany was modernised after the fall of Communism. The German Chancellor’s rescue plan to transform ailing euro zone countries through privatisation and relaxation of employment laws will be presented to the EU for discussion in the coming weeks. The message towards the PIGS will be “behave more like the Germans”. It is a fact that Germany and Chancellor Merkel have grown tired of Greece’s failure to modernise its economy and reform bloated stated enterprises.
It is fair to say that the world media, including blogs, have battered the failing states of Europe, with Greece being constantly at its epicentre. Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, said recently that she had more sympathy for children in rural sub-Saharan Africa than for Greeks facing hardship. May we remind her that Greece is not a third world country, and no one asked for her sympathy. She is right to claim that Greeks should help themselves by paying taxes. Again may we remind her that it is not the working class who is not paying taxes, but her class, the elite and political class of Greece, destroying unjustly its reputation. 

Other remarks by the two German Christian Democrat MPs, Josef Schlarmann and Frank Schaeffler, who arrogantly expressed the view that Greece should sell its islands and ancient ruins, including the Acropolis, should be discarded. We can only explain these views coming from two uneducated people, who do not understand how politics and relations work in a globalised world.

Despite the fact that Germany wishes to change Greece in the same way it did Eastern Germany, we should remind everyone that Greece is not Germany. Greece can never be a good Germany; it can only be a good Greece. Having this in our minds we can understand how there are different kinds of democracies in each country, following distinct views concerning politics, religion, society, traditions and so on, which make each democracy in each state distinct from the next.
Also Germany might be currently unhappy with Greece, however let us not forget that Germany has benefitted by this crisis, and even before 2008, since the Aegean State is constantly buying its weapons from Germany and France. This is evident through the Memorandums signed, emphasising how Greece should and must continue buying defence weapons from the two northern states of the euro zone. 

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