Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture

This Sculpture is inspired by Winchester's Castle and Cathedral and Hampshire's rich natural resources,  being thus a meeting point with a timeless quality. 

The segment in the outer circle form a Round Table. The other half illustrates religious symbols using arches and arcades. The words relate to fundamental and continuous aspects of society, religion, prosperity and royal governance. The flowing design in the centre circle recalls the wet lands around Winchester Cathedral. The focal point, a large stone "Throne" surrounded by three guardian figures reflect Winchester's position as traditional home to monarchs and bishops. 

The Alfred stone, with its Celtic design influences, symbolises ancient days and embodies the great King's dedication to art, religion and defence of the realm. The Mitre stone represents the authority and influence of the Christian Church. This magnificent work of art is the work of Rachel Fenner, a local sculpture. 

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