Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olympic Medals, London 2012

The Olympic Medals alter every 4 years, following the cultural and historic distinctions of the host city. However, some facts remain the same. This is the case with the Olympic medals for the coming London 2012 Games. The medals were designed by British artist David Watkins. 

The medals all have a picture of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, on the front, stepping out of the Parthenon to arrive in the host city, and the London 2012 logo superimposed on lots of straight lines and one wiggly one on the back. The rim of each medal will have the sport and discipline of its winner engraved on it. The reverse of each medal carries a bespoke design featuring the River Thames, a symbol of London that also suggests a fluttering baroque ribbon. The square on the medal reinforces the sense of place, as in a map inset. The 2012 logo is given a 3D representation as a metaphor for the modern city. The background grid radiates energy and represents athletes' achievements and effort. The ribbons, on the other hand, will be coloured royal purple in the year of the Queen's diamond jubilee. 

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