Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aghia Triada Monastery, Meteora

The Holy Monastery of Aghia Triada is one of the six standing monasteries in Meteora, Central Greece, being one of the four male monasteries in this area. It is built on a very impressive rock, that is the most attractive and characteristic picture of Meteora.  

The view from the top of the monastery is breathtaking, since on the southern side, at the base of the rock, lies the city of Kalambaka. 

Not a lot is known about the foundation of the monastery, however historical sources point to it having been built between 1458 and 1476. The Katholikon is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, a small Byzantine type church.

There is also the small chapel of St. John Prodromos, which is a small circular church that is sculpted in the rock, found next to the monastery's entrance. Before it was carved out of the rock this space was most probably a hermit's dwelling. 

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