Monday, June 11, 2012

Roussanou Monastery, Meteora

Roussanou Monastery is built on an imposing vertical rock. Despite not having many facts on the origin of the name of this monastery, it is believed that the name may be owed to the first habitant of the rock or to the owner of the old temple (whose name was Roussanos) or according to another version, he originated from the village of Roussana. 

The initial temple was built during the 14th-15th centuries. The hagiography is of special importance and one of the most valuable works of the Cretan School, formed at the second half of the 16th century. 

The main church of the monastery, i.e. the Katholikon, is dedicated to the Transfiguration and Saint Barbara. 

Many believe that such a place facilitates in the better and direct communication with God, where the air is filled with prayer and psalm and with incense, whose fragrance permeates the whole monastic settlement. 

This place holds a unique feel for both the monk and the traveller, transporting us far from any mundane practice and wont to an unearthly, ideal and spiritual world.

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