Thursday, June 14, 2012

Varlaam Monastery, Meteora

Varlaam Monastery is a male monastery and is the second largest monastery of Meteora. During the 14th century hermit Varlaam climbed the rock and built a number of cells and a small chapel which he dedicated to the Three Hierarchs. After his death the monastery was deserted. However, monks Theophanes and Nektarios rebuilt the deserted monastery in 1518. 

The second church was built in 1542, dedicated to All Saints, which has two domes. The hagiography of the church is of significant interest, despite not knowing the hagiographer behind this masterpiece. There is an astonishing account in regards to the completion of the church, which explains how All Saints was built in only 20 days. 

The monastery continued to grow and flourish, attracting many monks abiding by the instructions left by the founders.

This monastery was once noted for its attainments and exceptional organisation, all of which it owed to its two founders, Theophanis and Nektarios. Since its establishment it has become renowned as a model of a coenobitic institution. 

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