Thursday, August 9, 2012

Atlantis Books, Santorini

Bookstores are sanctuaries, places to lose yourself, escape the harsh demands of daily life and enter a world of knowledge, of fantasies and realities which are hard to comprehend, where one can find new ways to dream and new sources of inspiration. 

A great paradigm of a fantastic and magical bookstore is Atlantis Books, located in the small town of Oia, on the magical and mysterious island of Santorini, in the centre of the Aegean Sea, believed to be Antlantis, since it coincides in many ways with the descriptions given by Plato. It is a dream of a bookstore. Perched on the cliffs of the volcanic island, in a postcard Greek villa, it is run by an international collective of artists, writers and activists. 

Atlantis Books was started by young American and European bibliophiles who wanted to create a haven for readers and writers in one of the most beautiful, if remote, places in the Mediterranean. 

As well as organising theatre and open-air cinema, they set up programs such as the "book donkey", which brings books to the local schools. 

Atlanti's bookshleves, which the staff built themselves, are filled with novels, poetry, short-story collections, biographies and philosophy tomes. This book store is a wonderful treat, when visiting Santorini, where only good literature makes it onto the shelves.

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