Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christianity has shaped modern Britain

Christianity has undoubtedly shaped the heritage, morality and public life of modern Britain, whilst Christianity continues to influence the society till this day, for the better. Due to this Christian ethos, Britain has, during the past but also the present, welcomed people from all backgrounds. The Prime Minister declared,  a couple of months back, that Britain is a Christian nation, and that we should not be afraid to say that. 

Christians are constantly but also positively involved in the public life of the British Isles, whether this is the role of Anglican Bishops in scrutinising legislation in the House of Lords or the countless charities and so on. It is a fact, whether people in our multicultural society agree or not, that the Christianity is the foundation for the modern society of this country. 
This we can see through the Reformation, which is entangled with British political liberty and freedoms, whilst the King James Bible is embedded in the English language. However, this comes at a time were Christianity has been, in a way, "persecuted" by an aggressive secularism, and politically correctness which has pushed British society, language and ideas to a neutral playground of no identity. A society of no Christian past is promoted in order to not offend anyone, forgetting that this has been a Christian country for 2000 years. Banning discreet religious symbols for reasons of political correctness is not acceptable. We, who live in Great Britain, should promote what unites us as a group of people, one key factor being religion. If, however, this is not the case, then respect should prevail in order to live peacefully. 

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