Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prayer Changes Things

Prayer is an important part of any religion, showing a connection and a communion between God and man. There are numerous ways of praying. Within the Orthodox Church we say that we DO our prayer and not merely say our prayer (as is the case within Western Christianity). By doing our prayer we use all of our senses, especially within the Liturgy in the Church. 

One way of praying is by lighting candles, which has always been part of religious festivities, expressing something of the glory of God. In a place blessed by the devotion of generations, the believer offers a candle to light, a candle to accompany his prayers, candles which can burn when the prayers cease. One candle has the power to give light to another without ceasing itself to burn. 

The candle flame, burning bright and steady, symbolises prayer - prayer going straight up to God who lives to hear and accept it - prayer bringing Christ's light into our lives and the lives of those we meet. Perhaps when you light your candle, you have time only for a brief prayer - but your candle outlasts it, expressing your desire constantly to lift up your heart to God - out of love for him who creates and recreates us, out of love for the World of which, Jesus himself said, we are the light. 

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