Sunday, October 14, 2012


Bathampton is a small but beautiful village near the historic and ancient city of Bath with a population of around 1800. In the middle of the village the river Avon and the Kennet and Avon Canal pass through it. 

Bathampton, known variously as 'Caer Badon' (3000 BC); Hanton (1086 AD); Bathentuna (1292); Hampton (1327) and Bath Hampton (1794). Earliest known records date back to the entry in the Doomsday Book; however, recent excavations in the meadows revealed occupation from the Iron Age through to the Roman and Mediaeval periods. 

The village used to have a railway station, but it was closed following the Beeching Report. Plasticine was manufactured in the villae between 1900 and 1983 by a company founded by William Harbutt, who also lived in Bathampton.  

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