Saturday, October 20, 2012

Golden Dawn Invades Schools in Greece

The power of Golden Dawn, Greece's far right party which won 18 seats in parliament in the last elections, is evident in schools all around Greece, interfering with the ideals and ideas the future generation will have in respect to politics and society. This has created problems for both the pupils and the teachers, especially those who have different political beliefs. 

The students and pupils who support this political party express their beliefs, stating "we are Golden Dawn supporters", whilst at the same time anyone who opposes their views are too scared to express it. This has resulted in violent instances, where some Golden Dawn supporters beat immigrant children. This, however, is the result of the failing Greek political system, which for decades was functioning under an ill manner. Nevertheless, if this does not change, the future of this European country will be problematic, creating unprecedented issues for the local society. 

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