Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greek Gold

Despite the fact that Greece is going through a devastating economic crisis, there is still one product which can produce great opportunity for many farmers in the Mediterranean state.  This is mainly due to the fact that only certain areas of Greece are permitted to use the term Feta for the white cheese, whilst farmers producing this type of cheese outside these areas are banned from using the term Feta, according to European Courts. The consumption of Feta worldwide comes to a staggering 1 billion Euros; unfortunately Greek exports only account for 130 million Euros.

Greek exports need to become competitive and need to spread to all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, the majority of restaurants, including Greek ones outside of Greece and Cyprus, sell ‘fake’ Feta cheese, which derives from other countries such as Turkey, China and Denmark, just because it is cheaper than the Greek one; however, this Feta gives the wrong impression to the consumer.  Countless companies are persisting on using the name Feta on their products, but this needs to be censored and stopped, in order to promote the true flavour of this wonderful Greek product. 

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