Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Metropolitan bans Facebook for priests

Yes..! In the 21st century a Metropolitan, specifically Metropolitan of Aetolia and Akarnania Kosmas (in Western Greece) banned his priests from having a Facebook account. There will be severe penalties for whichever priest remains a member on any social network, because (according to the Metropolitan) people are scandalised by their presence on them. To date, most if not all the priests within the certain Episcopal Jurisdiction have left all social networks. 

This, however, seems an outdated and backward view, especially since every church in the world promotes its work and ideas through the internet and the social networks. Countless parishes, bishops and priests have Facebook or Twitter accounts. Also the youth uses these networks more and more, hence in order to attract them a further usage of them is necessary. It is not the social networks that are the problem but how one uses them, whilst people are not scandalised by the presence of church groups or priests on the internet, on the contrary they are encouraged to have better relationships with both the church and the priests.   

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