Saturday, October 6, 2012

St. Peter's Church, Bristol

St. Peter's was a church in what is now Castle Park, Bristol. The church has Saxon foundations, with a 12th century lower tower, the rest of the church being built in the 15th century. Excavations in 1975 suggest that this was the site of Bristol's first church. 

The church of St Peter was gutted following enemy action in 1940 when central Bristol was blitzed. According to tradition the building had narrowly escaped destruction during the Civil War. 

In 1643 the Roundhead Governor of Bristol Castle, Col Nathaniel Fiennes is said to have ordered the demolition of both the nearby St Peter's and St Philip's churches to prevent the besieging Cavaliers from taking up positions in them. It is claimed that only the arrival of Prince Rupert with a strong army of 20,000 Royalist soldiers stopped this action.

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