Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vyroneia, a forgotten village

Vyroneia is located in Northern Greece, in the region of Macedonia, and specifically between Lake Kerkini and the Greek-Bulgarian border. It was formerly known as Hadji-Beilik. 

It is a small village with a little over a thousand inhabitants. 

Besides the train station there is the Municipal Aquarium of Vyroneia, the second one after the one located on the island of Rhodes. 

During the Second Balkan War the headquarters of King Constantine I where located in this small village. Here, together with Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, they accepted on the 1st July 1913 the Bulgarian delegation to the armistice treaty, which was signed after Greece's victory. 

It is believed that this village was named after the famous British and Philhellene poet Lord Byron. 

Unfortunately, this village is currently one of countless small villages which has declined in numbers, resulting in the desertion of the houses and the whole region. The youth moves to the cities in order to find work and live a city life. However, the villages like Vyroneia maintain a unique feel and atmosphere that we cannot find in a big city. 

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