Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking in Mount Athos!

When a group of five people visited Mount Athos, a couple of years back, and specifically the Vatopaidi Monastery, we decided to walk around the monastery, in order to get a feel of the forest and the nature surrounding the monastic community. 

After an hour's walk and following the wooden signs, we ended up near the new and modern church of St. Dimitrios. What we found was unaccepted but beautiful...a small cell dedicated to the Virgin Mary. There one monk takes care of the cell, preserving it and also accepting pilgrims, with the traditional sweets and tsipouro. 

The small church is beautiful, full of colours and incense, while the marvellous dome is a copy of a dome from a church in Constantinople. 

The beautiful adventure which we took showed how the spiritual and the monastic combines with nature, emphasising how all Christians need to take care and preserve our environment, since all of these were created by God. 

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