Thursday, November 8, 2012

A hidden church

Walking, recently, around Nafplio - the first capital of modern Greece - I came across this small, hidden church that is dedicated to the Archangels. It is easy to pass it without noticing it. However, if you do notice it then you will see a paradigm of the simplicity of church architecture which exists in Greece. Through this simplicity one can feel mystified. Many ask why should the churches be big, full of riches etc.  There is a reason for that, since the church symbolises the Heavenly Kingdom and in the presence of God we wish to show our best selves. Nevertheless, examples like the one depicted here also show the love that mankind has for its Creator. It is also refreshing to visit a church like this, that exists within the world close to the people and which is easily accessed by the locals, who are busy with the stresses and troubles of daily life.  

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