Friday, November 2, 2012

Consecration of Greek Orthodox Church, London

The parish priest, the trustees, the president and the Church committee, the president and the members of Saint Agatha Auxiliary Sisterhood Committee, the Educational Institutions and the Youth Organisations of our Community, have the great honour to invite you to participate in the unique and historic event of the Concecration of our newly built Holy Church of Saint Panteleimon and St. Paraskevi. 

Quite distinctive from a ceremonial point of view and most particularly in a theological sense, the Dedication of the Church, brings our whole life into its truly ecclesial focus. Through the consecration of the Sacred Altar with the deposition of the Holy Relics of Saints, the entire faithful people are sanctified together, reborn and spiritually transformed and thus they are affirmed as "God 's building". 
On Saturday evening 3rd November 2012, Great Archiepiscopal Vespers will be chanted, after which there will be a Vigil. On Sunday morning 4th November 2012, Matins, the Consecration of the Church and the Archiepiscopal Divine Liturgy will be celebrated. 
The celebrations of these two days will be presided over by His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateria and Great Britain, with the assistance of the Sacred Clergy. 
It is incumbent on all of us, both members and friends of our God-loving Community, that we should participate actively in this prayerful event, receiving the manifold blessings of this great spiritual festivity, lending our moral and material support to the multifaceted work of our Community, which breathes life and nourishes our daily routine in the world and opens securely the gates of eternity. 

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