Monday, November 26, 2012

The Greek Orthodox Community, Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield is a small town located between London and Oxford. The Greek Orthodox Community in Beaconsfield is a small and young community, however it tries to maintain a Greek School and one Liturgy on the first Sunday of each month. The Community is dedicated to St. Gregory the Theologian, named after the current Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, Gregorios.

It has achieved to share a beautiful Anglican Church, the Church of St. Mary and All Saints, located in the Old Town, showing thus the good relations between the Anglican Communion and the Orthodox Church.  

This church is a historic one, having a list of clergy dating back to 1210 A.D. Little is known of the church architecture until 1420. It was evidently a well-constructed building with a tower, because in 1420, the Lord of the Manor made a grant towards the upkeep of the belfry. In 1521 John Waller left money to build a steeple. In 1634 and 1657 Inspectors of Churches reported that the fabric was badly in need of repair, but it was not until 1705, when the rights of patronage passed to Magdalen College, Oxford, that extensive repairs were put in hand. 

Through the centuries , there have been a few rectors who have gone on to become bishops, one who witnessed the historic meeting between Henry VIII and the King of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold and many who faithfully served the people of Beaconsfield over the years.

Many Greek communities began with small numbers, by sharing churches with the Anglicans. However, they prevailed, they increased their numbers, giving them the opportunity to eventually buy their own church. We can only wish that this will be the case with this young but vibrant community. 


  1. Hi we've just moved into beaconsfield are there any contact details to get more information of the local greek community

  2. Yes...its best to speak to George Yannoulias who is the President of the Community in Beaconsfield. His number is 07811894944...or email: