Saturday, November 24, 2012

Who runs Britain?

It is a fact that the elite which exists in each country rules and governs that state. Britain is no exception to this rule, since it is still being run by public school elite. Ten public schools have produced one in eight of the professional elite who effectively run the country. Eton College alone boasts 4% of the nation's most prominent citizens as old boys, including David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson and the next Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. 
According to recent findings, almost a third of those holding senior positions in business, politics, law and the diplomatic service also have an Oxbridge education. 68% of leading figures in public service, including the royalty, lord-lieutenants and others in national, public or local government organisations were privately educated, followed by law, senior armed forces and business, whilst the police had the fewest number of leading figures who went to fee paying schools.

The 10 private schools that produce 12% of the professional elite were Eton, Winchester, Charterhouse, Rugby, Westminster, Marlborough, Dulwich, Harrow, St. Paul's Boys' School and Wellington College.The top comprehensives were Haverstock School and Holland Park. The top grammar school was Watford Grammar, Hertfordshire. 
From the above we understand how expensive education pays of, giving more opportunity and contacts to future citizens in order to progress. However, social mobility needs to be improved, in order to ensure that every young person can achieve his or her potential, regardless of their family background. 

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