Monday, December 17, 2012

Celtic Praise

The Celtic Saints believed that the inspiration of God’s creation can be felt wherever your journey may lead.  The early Celtic Christians were very conscious that God walked by their side. They talked to Him as a loving companion and they sang His praises to the sky. They loved the wild open places and longed for the quiet times spent apart, with only God as their companion.

Numerous Celtic praises are found here:
My Farther, I come to you at the beginning of this day to ask you to guide and help me. Give me courage to face the problems that lie ahead and give me a heart wide open to the joys that you have prepared for me. Forgive my many sins, that I may start this day anew. And as you forgive me, May I learn to be forgiving and compassionate to others in return. My Farther, I long to serve you aright. May all that I do and all that I say be pleasing in you sight. Amen.
O Lord and Heavenly Father We thank you for your compassion towards us, and we trust ourselves into your loving care. Where we are weak give us strength. Where we lack faith give us confidence. Where we are cold open our hearts to your dear Son, that he may enter to heal our wounds and to be a sweet companion, all the days of our life, now and forever. Amen.
O High King of Heaven, Great Father of Love, breathe your breath round me down from above. O High King of Heaven, with your Son here below, walk by my side through life’s ebb and flow. O High King of Heaven, Great Spirit of might, pierce thou my spirit and fill me with light. O High King of Heaven, look down from your throne, guard me and guide me for I am your own.
The Love in your hearts is God’s gift to you both. The joy in your hearts He shares. May His peace be to you a light on your path, and a blessing to banish all tears.
Almighty God, we, your people, offer you grateful thanks for this time of refreshment in the midst of our busy lives. May we, in the quiet and peace of this moment, lay before you ourselves, our hearts, our lives, to do with as you will. Take from us the cares and worries of our world and let us learn from the beauty we see around us, to trust in your eternal goodness and strength. Be present among us now as we kneel in worship.
Eternal God, Creator and Father of us all, We thank you for this wonderful world, for the ever-changing skies, the blessed winds, and the earth beneath our feet. And we thank you that your Son gave all of this life’s loveliness in sacrifice for us. In our turn, and in great humility, we offer our lives. All that we do and all that we say we give in joyful and willing service to you, our Lord and Heavenly King. Amen.
In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May the rainbow of many colours bind you to God himself. May the soft winds of heaven refresh your spirit and sunshine brighten your heart. May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you. May God enfold you in love, and may the blessing of God the Holy Trinity, bringing peace beyond all understanding, be with you and remain with you, and all you love, now and forever. Amen

May every task be done with joy
And every word that we employ
Show the Lord in Heaven above
That all we do, we do for love.

Source: Pat Robson, “Celtic Praises – Gormola Kernewek, Prayers of Praise from Cornwall”, (Bristol, Tim Tiley Ltd., 2002) 

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