Monday, December 31, 2012

Greece through pictures according to Reuters

The current economic, social and political crisis, which has hit Greece, is reflected in the lens of numerous Reuters photographers, showing various aspects of life within 2012.  As seen in the pictures the difficulties of the European country is evident, worsening by the day. However, everyone is hopeful for a better future.

-A man who sits in front of this impressive graffiti of a man screaming.
-Athenians gathered in Syntagma Square, centre of the Greek capital, in order to receive free vegetables,          January 2012.
-The centre of Athens is damaged after a riot, February 2012.
-Replacing a torn Greek flag on top of Parliament, April 2012.
-An old, troubled lady.
-The victorious atmosphere after Golden Dawn’s win in the last elections
-Special Forces in flames in Syntagma Square, September 2012.
-A naked man welcomes Chancellor Merkel in Greece, October 2012.
-Euro 2012, Greece vs. Germany, a Greek supporter in a bar in Berlin is watching the game.
-New Democracy’s central election booth. 

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