Friday, December 28, 2012

Obesity in the world

Obesity seems to be a timeless issue; however, it is safe to claim that it grew out of proportion during the 20th century with the global increase in fast food restaurants that have scattered all around us. In an age of plenty everyone has the luxury of eating whatever they like and want. On the other hand healthy eating has been limited to those who are aware of this problem.

The USA together with many other First World, Western, nations have a great problem when it comes to obesity. In America, 36% of adults and 17% of children are obese, which is an alarming statistic; if the current statistics continue increasing, then by 2030 half of the population in the USA will be not only overweight but obese. Here, in Britain 25% of women and 24% of men are obese, showing that we are also following the bad example laid down by America and the fast food tradition. However, due to globalisation and the spread of fast food shops, obesity seems to have spread to other regions of the world, such as Mexico, Brasil, China and many more. 

Wealth is another reason why obesity prevails. Bikes are left aside and cars have taken their place. Everything can be done without us leaving our houses. Exercise can be limited to merely walking around the house. Food Adverts, nevertheless, seem to be persisting in order to push their products harder.
According to Christopher Murray from the University of Washington, since 1990 obesity has grown faster than any other cause of disease. Every state needs to deal with this great issue. If not, then it will have to spend more in its health sector, in order to deal with it when it is, unfortunately, too late. 

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