Saturday, December 15, 2012

The London Population, White Britons become a minority

The last national census in Britain has shown a racial mix of London’s population over the last ten years. White Britons are a minority for the first time after a rise in the number of residents from other ethnic groups. 45% of the capital’s 8.2 million population class themselves as white Britons, i.e. 3.7 million; however, the 2001 census numbered 58% of white Britons in London.
A key reason for this increase is due to the number of foreign born people living in London. They now account for 37% of the capital’s population, compared with only a quarter a decade earlier. The largest number of such residents comes from India, who account for 3% of the London population, followed by the Poles, who make up 2%. But there has also been a big increase in ethnic minority Britons with the number of black, Asian and mixed race Londoners born in this country all rising significantly.

According to the statistics, London seems to be the most diverse part of the U.K., leading the way as the numbers of ethnic minority and foreign born residents rise nationwide. The largest non-British ethnic group is Asian, including both those who have arrived from abroad and those who were born in Britain. They now account for 18% of the capital’s population, with a total of 1.5 million residents. Black Londoners, on the other hand, are 13%, i.e. 1.1 million, including Africans, black Britons and those who originate from the Caribbean. There are 405.000 mixed race residents, making up another 5% of the London population. Arabs represent 1.3%, while other ethnic groups make up 2%. A further 13% of Londoners are considered white other, such as Europeans; this consequently means that the capital still has an overall majority of white residents, despite white Britons becoming a minority.
Religion is another issue; today’s figures show that the British capital has 4 million Christians, which is 48% of the population. The next biggest faith group are the Muslim Londoners, accounting for 12% (1 million), up from 8% a decade earlier. London also has the highest proportion of Hindus in the country, who represent 5% of its population, Jews at 2% and Buddhists 1%. According to the last census 1.7 million claimed no religion, while a further 693.000 failed to answer.
The current figures are based on the 2011 census which shows that the population in the British capital is 8.2 million. That represents a big increase on the 2001 census, when the number of residents was nearly 7.3 million. 

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