Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Philosophers

Here we portray the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers, relevant even today. It is interesting to point out that many of the quotes below sound Christian, therefore we observe that many of the below philosophers are sometimes iconized in churches in the Greek Orthodox World.

According to my opinion, the wealth of the state is its allies, the trust and the love of its allies. Demosthenis
The most essential of all lessons is to unlearn the evils. Antisthenes
He who is getting old, he becomes child again. Sophocles
Zeal that is not accompanied with practical spirit is fire without shine. Isocrates
Swear to no one of the gods for money. Isocrates
Virtue on its own is virtue to bring bliss. Antisthenes
Do not make friends hastily and those you obtain do not abandon them. Solon
We have to honour more those who raise and train the children well, rather than those who give birth to them. Aristotle
Be also careful and for your future. Pythagoras
The similarity of ideas creates friendship. Democretus
You should seek wisdom. Thales

Whatever you offer to your parents, the same you should expect to receive from your children. Thales
When someone tells you that you know nothing and you do not receive it as an insult and it does not offend you, then you start implementing philosophy. Epictetus
The kind man is beneficial. Socrates
You will never find heroes in the dark. Aristophanes
From youth to the old age have as supply the wisdom; this is the steadiest achievement. Phaedo
No matter how uch money you have, it is no worth if you do not use it. Esop
When people die, things that they had never hoped or had imagined are waiting for them. Heraclitus
The world is a theatrical stage and life is a passage through it. You came, you saw, you left. Democretus
Every citizen has a right education and to the artistic pleasure. Pericles
When we exist death is not present; when death appears, then we do not exist. Epicurus
The wise man will fall in love and he will be in politics and he will marry and he will live near kings. Aristotle
World is done not according to time but according to thinking. Heraclitus
Family is the base and the beginning of every civilization. Loukianos
Be more afraid of the accusation than of danger. Isocrates
Everything is good in its time. Sophocles
Arrogance stops the progress that pursues the biggest prosperity. Bion
You should do nothing in your life which might cause you fear if discovered by those near to you. Epicurus
Many words are not proof of wisdom. Thales

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