Friday, February 15, 2013

Online Paedophilia

The use of computers and social networks are vastly growing in our modern digital era. However, there is a negative side to the use of these mediums, i.e. paedophilia and sexual contents. It is unfortunate that there are paedophiles who target young children for online abuse. The young children are persuaded to perform sex acts on camera in order to satisfy the paedophiles. There are even networks of paedophiles, giving them the chance to share the material they collect by their victims.

Thankfully there are organisations such as the ‘Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’ (Ceop) which help battle paedophilia, that cannot be located only in one region, but it is a global matter, since the internet connects people from all corners of the world. Currently one third of explicit footage, shared online, involves children under 15, according to Ceop. These are worrying facts. A way to battle the continuation of paedophilia is to educate our children in for them to be careful and judge who to talk to and what sites to visit. Without education we will, unfortunately, see an increase of online victims, creating massive moral issues. 

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