Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Review: This is My Beloved Son, The Transfiguration of Christ

Fr. Andreas Andreopoulos achieves through his new book “This is My Beloved Son, The Transfiguration of Christ” to approach this mystery in a unique and fascinating way, keeping the reader interested throughout the book. The Transfiguration, one of the most mysterious miracles of Jesus Christ, has been mostly misunderstood for two millennia.

Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, in his foreword, explains “Andreas Andreopoulos approaches the Transfiguration explaining its significance in the continuing experience of the church and in the personal journey of each Christian. He sees the Transfiguration as ‘a timeless story’, as ‘an event that keeps on happening’. He writes in a way that is vivid yet profound and often unexpected. Reading his text, I have come to look at Christ’s Transfiguration and our own, with new eyes and a fresh understanding”.
The theme is an important one for all Christians; “the Transfiguration must be recognized as the greatest miracle of divine revelation” (p.94). Why? Because in the light of this event and the Transfigured Christ, we can identify “the Kingdom of Heaven, the Trinitarian life of God, the mystery of the church, and the mystery of our own salvation” (p.94). The language that the author uses is accessible to all who wish to learn more about the Transfiguration of Christ but also about Christian doctrine, tradition and practice. This is a book that depicts the treasures of Orthodoxy, which are also easily accessible to a Western Christian reader. 

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