Saturday, March 23, 2013

God is Light

Reading St. Symeon the New Theologian’s Third Theological Discourse I came across a very interesting description of God as Light. Here is what St. Symeon writes:
“…God is light (1 Jn. 1:5), a light infinite and incomprehensible, for then you will know about the properties of the divine nature, how God and all that is of God, from God, and within God, is one light, worshipped in each of the hypostases and perceived in all the qualities and gifts of God. Everything to do with God is light, and (this light) is common to all the persons, divided between them indivisibly. But if for your sake I may speak of the invisible as if it were divided: the Fathers is light, the Son is light, the Holy Spirit is light; one single light as they are simple, non-composite, timeless, eternal, and possessed of the same honour and glory. All that comes from Him is light, and is given to us as arising from the light. The light is life. The light is immortality. The light is the source of life. 

The light is living water, charity, peace, truth, and the door of the kingdom of heaven. The light is the very kingdom itself. The light is the bridal chamber, the bridal couch, paradise, and all the bliss of paradise. It is the land of the gentle, the crowns of life, and the very garments of the saints. The light is Jesus Christ, the Saviour and King of the universe. The bread of his sinless flesh is light. The chalice of his precious blood is light. His resurrection is light. His face is light. His hand, his finger, his mouth, his eye, all are light. The Lord is light, and his voice is as light from light. Light is the comforter, the pearl, the seed of mustard, the true vine, the leaven, hope and faith – all are light…He is light inaccessible, pre-existing the ages… Indeed, I will show you in passing some of the other ‘lights’ applicable to God: his goodness is light; his compassion is light; his mercy, his embrace, his watchful care are light. His spectre is light, his crook, and his consolation”.    


  1. Where did you find this quote? I cannot find it anywhere.

    1. St. Symeon the New Theologian’s Third Theological Discourse