Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spire House - A Paradigm of the Decline of Christianity in Britain

Walking around Paddington, leading towards Bayswater, one comes through Lancaster Gate. Behind the row of houses here and there, a spire unveils itself, being located within a small garden in the middle of London. The Gothic stone spire, nearly 205ft high. This was part of Christ Church, built in 1855. However; by the mid1970s the structure was declared unsafe and was therefore demolished, except for the tower and spire that were listed as Grade II.

This, of course, was not the end of the building’s history. In 1983 Spire House was introduced, embracing the ex-church tower. Now luxury flats and parking are what one finds on this site, considered a beautiful marriage between old and modern. This, nevertheless, is not the only paradigm in Great Britain. Countless church building, unfortunately, have been sold to people or companies who then alter the use of these buildings, transforming them into theatres, clubs, bars, restaurants, flats, houses, mosques and many more. This is worrying for the Christian community in Britain, showing that this is caused due to the decline of Christianity and Church attendance, whilst other religions are increasing, gaining power and new converts (such as Islam, the Orthodox Church).; also the fact that secularism and atheism are increasing result in the selling and decrease of the number of churches in UK.  

What needs to be established is respect for the Church buildings all around Britain. If not then this land will forget its past history, culture, religion and identity. 

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