Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Greek Politicians fail!

I have asked myself, why the politicians in Greece are acting as they do. Why are they incapable of governing a country? Why have they created countless scandals? Why is Greece currently in such an economic crisis? As an observer from afar, visiting the Aegean country annually, I have found an answer, which is probably not the one many think of… “Inspiration”…! The politicians in Greece, merely do not inspire their people, through their example, through their speeches, through their political decisions, through their characters. They do not inspire them because they are just the less bad option the people had.

Machiavelli in his book “The Prince” and in general realism within the discipline of International Relations point out the fact that the politicians choose the lesser evil in their policies; however, in Greece the lesser evil lies not in the political decisions they have to take but in the politicians themselves. The past governments were not worthy of their appointment, they were merely the lesser evil in regards to the choice that existed. (Looking into the last elections, New Democracy and Pasok were the lesser evil in regards to Syriza – that promotes strikes and anarchy- and Golden Dawn – which is a violent, conservative and Nazi group). The scandals which they have created have enormously affected Greece as a country, as an economy, as a people. The fact that they have not been punished is a great disgrace, especially for the country that gave birth (as we are reminded by everyone) to democracy. Unfortunately democracy does not apply to the politicians or the rich in the Mediterranean country, giving it a Third World status in the political field.
How can the people of Greece be inspired by their politicians? The ill members of Government and Parliament should be cut out, punished for the bad political decisions they have taken. If they have stolen money (as many have) they should be put in prison. One or two who have are not enough, if we are to consider the millions of people who are paying their mistakes on a daily basis. Political solutions have to be found in order to better life and not just find easy and ephemeral solutions to diachronical problems. Actions plans have to be enforced. Philosophies should remain in the coffee shops and not in parliament. Rhetoric should be substantial, followed by actions. Hollow promises do not help…they instead harm those who blindly listen and follow them.  We all must be inspired by our leaders, wherever we live. I am pretty sure that films, such as the Hollywood production ‘Lincoln’ will not happen for any politician of our epoch, because momentous decisions did not take place. Figures like Pericles or Socrates or people like the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, were absent from the political life of the last 40-50 years. Lies prevailed, false hope endeavoured to form political decisions, which have ruined a whole generation…a generation which pays the ill predictions and decisions taken by previous governments. Therefore, inspiration (in rhetorical grandeur but also in action planning) is the answer for a healthy and prosperous future. However, this can also apply to other countries and nations, being not only a Greek problem, but an ecumenical one. 

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