Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How an Orthodox views the Anglican Communion

Many definitions exist, in regards to the ontology and the true identity of the complex (for many) Anglican Communion. Here Fedotov gives his own understanding of this Church:

The Anglican Church amazes us by its breadth, by what is called comprehensiveness. At first we do not understand how Protestantism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy can live together side by side within one profession of faith; many are inclined to regard this as a sign of indifference. But we soon become convinced that the tolerance springs not from coolness but from the deeply inculcated religious and social belief that true sobornost exists; from the old habit of serving and struggling for the truth together, from respect for the opinions of others, even though they be no absolutely right. The English social sense is that minimum of love (akin to courtesy), without which intercourse is impossible. This is the true gift, the charisma of the English people, which governs not only the ecclesiastical but the whole social and political life of England. We ought, if only to a small degree, to learn this practical sobornost, if we value the unity and freedom of our church-life[1].

[1] Fedotov, G.P., “Meeting the English”, Sobornost, No, 12 (New Series), December, 1937, p. 15

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