Monday, May 27, 2013

The Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium has been Arsenal’s home since 2006, where it played host to its first game. In February 2004, after having purchased a 17 acre plot minutes away from Highbury, Arsenal’s Stadium for 93 years. The new 60.000 seater-stadium cost £390 million, being built in a unique bowl shape, giving every fan around the ground a fantastic view of the pitch.

The origins of Arsenal Football Club date back as far as 1886 when a group of munition workers at the Royal Armoury in Woolwich, south-east London decided to form a football team. They were inspired by David Danskin, who managed to persuade his co-workers to pull together and buy a football so they could have a bit of light relief from their long and stressful days in the factory.

Initially named Dial Square, after the factory they worked in, the team played their first few matched on Plumstead Common. With horse carts used as grandstands for the team’s growing support, the pitch was described by some as “an open sewer” and by the Newcastle Echo as Newcastle United’s ‘annual trip to hell’.

Today, Arsenal is one of the greatest teams in England and Europe, making the Emirates Stadium a sporting paradise for good games, where great players are allowed to perform their best game.  

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