Friday, May 31, 2013

The resting place of Elder Paisios

The Holy Monastery of Souroti, located just outside of Thessaloniki, is dedicated to St. John the Theologian and St. Arsenius the Cappadocian, whose relics are located within the main church of the monastery. However, the important factor of this monastery, especially during the past years, is the grave of Elder Paisios, who passed away on July 12th, 1994 and was buried next to the church of St. Arsenius.

On his grave there is a plaque, with the inscription written by Elder Paisios:
Εδώ τελείωσε η ζωή, Εδώ και η πνοή μου, Εδώ το σώμα θα θαφτή, Θα χαίρη κι η ψυχή μου.
Ο Άγιός μου κατοικεί, αυτό είναι τιμή μου. Πιστεύω αυτός θα λυπηθή την άθλια ψυχή μου.
Θα εύχεται στον Λυτρωτή νάχω την Παναγιά μαζί μου.
Μοναχός Παϊσιος Αγιορείτης

Here life has ended, Here and my breath (has ended), Here the body will be buried, And my soul will be happy. My Saint lives, that is my honour. I believe that he will pity my miserable soul. He will pray to the Saviour to have the Virgin Mary with me.

Monk Paisios, the Athonite

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