Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The University of Winchester’s Christian Foundation

The University of Winchester, a fairly new University, has been expanding during the last years. Walking around the campus, the students are able to see old and new buildings, showing its past but also its present and future prospects. The newest building of the university has a unique and modern artwork, symbolising the University’s Christian foundation (1840), showing also its links with the important city of Winchester (which was the first capital of England) and with King Alfred the Great. 

The artwork is separated into a number of parts, symbolising the following:
Rose coloured glass panel: The glass represents Jesus and the colour represents unconditional love.
Multiple vertical sawn timber slats: The larch timber slats represent the Disciples and students of the University.
Burnt Douglas Fir: The timber represents the Christian cross and the sword held by King Alfred in the statue in the City of Winchester’s Broadway.
6 coloured glass panels: The horizontal lines represent musical notation and scripture and in particular Christian psalms. The colours are influenced by the illuminations within the Winchester Bible. The pattern is an abstraction from a typical human DNA strip.
30 horizontal stainless steel rods: The rods represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot was paid for his betrayal of Jesus.
11 vertical stainless steel columns: The 11 steel columns represent the Apostles. Their composition is influenced by the painting ‘Last Supper’ by Carl Heinrich Bloch.
The 12th Apostle: The 12th apostle is Judas Iscariot, represented in rusting steel. 

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