Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is the Orthodox Church in the Ecumenical Dialogue?

Many have asked this question, giving a number of responses. However, there are growing concerns due to the fact that there is a growing number of Orthodox who are against the dialogue, not understanding the positives of a dialogue with the other Christian denominations. The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria, Theodoros II, claimed recently that:

"Within the scope of the theological dialogues with the other Christian Denominations (the Orthodox Church) does not seek to discover the Truth, because she has it; thus, she witnesses the Apostolic Tradition and the unscathed Teaches of the Fathers towards all of those, who with a genuine disposition, look to trace the roots of the right Christian faith. Here its mission is focused, to pass on the light of the true faith to the nations".
Therefore, the Orthodox Church needs to continue its missionary work within the Ecumenical Movement and show the importance of the Bible, of Tradition, of the Fathers and of the life of the Ecclesia, especially within our modern, globalised and digital world we live in.  

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