Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being a true Christian

Many claim that they are Christians, without fully following its life or even believing its faith. They are merely Christian in name, due to the fact that they were baptised when they were children. In order to be a true Christian we need to activate the grace given to us during the Sacrament of Baptism. If we wish to be true Christians, then we need to be active members of the Church. Just because we are members it doesn't mean that we are good or true Christians.
Gregory Palamas gives a nice paradigm to point the above statement. He claims that the son of the King is born in the palace, having the possibility of becoming the future King. However, what happens if before his ascension to the throne, he dies? He loses his right to the throne.

Nikolas Kavasilas explains “Let us live life, attracting sanctification through the mysteries from that head and heart until we are bound together with Christ, until we are members of Him, flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. When we cut ourselves off and fall away from the wholeness of the All-holy body, we taste the holy mysteries in vain; for life will not pass through to the dead and cut off limbs”[1].
How can a Christian become a live member of the Church? The answer is simple; by living the life of the Church, by following its beliefs and faith, by attending its Divine Mysteries. All of these actions will introduce the grace of God into the life of the Christian.  

[1] Hierotheos, Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, The mind of the Orthodox Church, 1998, p. 50

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