Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Testament Greek at the University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is introducing a new course, New Testament Greek. This online course was created initially for the postgraduate students in Orthodox Studies of the University of Winchester after the proposals and the support of Rev'd  Dr Andreas Andreopoulos. However, it will be available for any other students or individuals, who are studying Theology, Classics or are interested to study the Hellenistic Dialect (Koine Greek), in order to have a direct access to the original texts of the New Testament, manuscripts and the writings of the Holy Fathers. This module will be delivered through weekly online seminars, tutorials, tasks, translation and exegesis.
The link for this online course is:
This module gives an introduction to New Testament Greek, one of the original languages in which the Bible was written.  It equips students to look critically at the original language of the New Testament instead of being dependent solely on translations into English. The module will introduce students to New Testament Greek and explain how to recognise Greek words and constructions in the New Testament. Finally, it will provide the keys on how to translate Greek words and New Testament passages and begin to develop the skills to translate passages of New Testament Greek into English.

The module will be delivered through weekly online seminars, tutorials, tasks, translation and exegesis. Students have to complete, and submit for evaluation weekly assignments. These assignments will not be marked; students will receive only feedback and comments for their assignments.

By the end of this module, it is expected that students will be able to show an understanding of New Testament Greek words and meanings, use an Interlinear Greek New Testament to assist in the interpretation of the Scripture, demonstrate knowledge of the basic vocabulary of New Testament Greek, show a working understanding of Greek grammar and syntax, read and translate the New Testament from Greek into English and finally, read and understand both Erasmian Greek and Modern Koine Greek which is currently used by the Greek Orthodox Church in worship.

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