Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The St. Alban Psalter

The St. Albans Psalter is one of the most remarkable treasures of English art and was created in the Scriptorium of St. Albans Abbey in the 12th century. The Dean of St. Albans, the Very Reverend Jeffrey John explains:

“The St. Albans Psalter is the greatest treasure that was produced by the scriptorium of St. Albans Abbey. Lost to us at the Reformation, it is now preserved in Hildesheim. We are profoundly grateful to the Bishop of Hildesheim for making us a gift of this beautiful facsimile edition. It is a great joy that once again this perfect jewel of medieval Christian art will be seen in the place where it was created”.
It contains the psalms of the bible used in daily worship and much more. It is believed to have been presented by Abbot Geoffrey de Gorham to Christian of Markyate, his spiritual adviser and confidante. The St. Albans Psalter is a masterpiece of English Romanesque art and a successful product of Anglo-Saxon, Ottonian and Byzantine influences. It influenced the development of later Psalters through the inclusion of a New Testament cycle of miniatures. 

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