Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A.E.C.A. Reception for Orthodox Clergy, 2013

The Anglican and Eastern Churches Association organised its annual Reception for Orthodox Clergy at Faith House, near Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, in Central London, on Monday 14th October 2013. This event allows for the members of the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion to come together, to speak and exchange ideas on various current topics. As Fr. William Taylor, Chairman of the Association, claimed that it is not only a change for the Orthodox to meet the Anglicans, but it is also a chance for Orthodox to meet each other, i.e. Orthodox from numerous jurisdictions.

F. William Taylor welcomed everyone, followed by a small talk given by Anoushka Kurkjian, who gave a summary in regards to the current political situation in Syria, which affects all the Christians of the Middle East. The current Arab Spring has endangered the existence of Christianity in the region. The Middle East is unfortunately becoming a non-tolerable and non-multicultural region, pushing thousands of Christians to exile. 

The night also contained a musical hymn, which was sang by a member of the Syrian Orthodox Church, giving a poetic tone to the beautiful night. The last address was given by Mr Jonathan Hellewell, who is from the Prince of Wales Office, giving his greetings from Prince Charles, who has always been interested in the Anglican Communion and the Greek Orthodox Church, visiting Mount Athos and Greece on a regular basis. 

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