Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Part-time Christian

Many, in our modern societies, are confused on when they are and can be good Christians. Most modern Christians are part-time Christians. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow explains:

“It is not possible to be a Christian inside the walls of one’s own home, in one’s family circle or in the solitude of one’s cell and to cease to be Christian when teaching at university or in school, standing in front of a television camera, voting in Parliament or undertaking a scientific experiment. Christian motivation must be present in everything that constitutes the believer’s sphere of vital interests. A believer cannot exclude his professional life or scientific interests, his political, economic or social activities, his work in the media and the like from this spiritual and moral context. Religious belief encompasses everything a believer is or does. The religious way of life is the mode of existence in the world of people whose choices are motivated and determined by their religious principles”[1].

[1] Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow, Freedom and Responsibility, (London, Dartion, Longman and Todd, 2011), p.2-3

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