Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Two Planes of Existence

Today we live in a world, where many people do not believe in a higher being, in God, or in an afterlife. However, a Christian understanding states that the created world and the uncreated world relate and they complete each other. Dumitru Staniloae explains:

“There are two planes of existence: one eternal, existence of itself; and one temporal, created by that eternal being that has the power to create the second plane from nothing, and not as its natural offspring. If there were only the divine form of existence, it would lack omnipotence and generosity. If there were only the worldly or pantheistic form, subordinated to laws that do not freely bring happiness to another form of existence, that would again represent an incomplete form of existence”[1].

[1] Staniloae, Dumitru, The Holy Trinity – In the Beginning There was Love, (Brookline, Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2012), p. 6

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