Thursday, October 31, 2013

What can ancient Greek mythology show us?

There are countless ancient Greek mythological stories, which we today revisit and even use as stories for the children. But what can these stories show us? Firstly they describe the ancients’ view of the world. However, the ancient mythology show the archetypes of heroes, the relationship between God and man, how the Greeks described their deity according to how they perceived themselves, emphasising on the centrality of the Greek world within the known world but also within the cosmos. 

Due to these countless myths, we today use terms based on the themes of these stories, for example the Oedipus complex or narcissism, referring to Oedipus and Narcissus. There is a reason that we still read these myths today, they are diachronic, timeless, showing how relevant they are. Despite having achieved great advancements in many fields, humanity has not altered in many respects, enjoying therefore the ancient narratives. Despite being culturally specific, a catholic understanding of the ancient world is evident, whereby human values are victorious; the good always beats the evil. Thus, the ancient myths of the ancient Greek world have lost none of their power!

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