Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Mosque in the Centre of Athens

The Mosque in Monastiraki Square (in the centre of Athens) was built in 1759 by the then voivode (governor) of Athens Tzisdarakis, in the heart of the area known as the “Kato Pazari”. It was also called the Lower Fountain Mosque, from the fountain in front of it. After the founding of the Greek state in 1830, it was used from time to time as a practice space for military musicians, a prison and a warehouse. In 1915 it was restored by Anastasios Orlandos. Between 1918 and 1973, it housed the Museum of Greek Handicrafts, as the modern day Museum of Greek Folk Art was initially called. Since 1975, it has operated as a branch of the Museum of Greek Folk Art, hosting an exhibition of Modern Greek pottery.

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