Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Modern vs. Ancient Greece

Millions of tourists visit Greece every year. Millions read about Greece, Greek philosophy, history etc. However, most of these people, including Greeks, refer to the greatness of the ancient Greek world. They only look into the past in order to understand the greatness of the Greeks. Nevertheless, a small percentage or even no-one thinks about modern Greece and what it can offer. Modern Greeks are capable of achieving greatness, if given the chance. That is why the Greek people have had victorious instances, such as the Olympic Games (1896 and 2004), winning the Euro Cup (2004), Eurovision (2005) etc. Also in the field of science and medicine, modern Greeks have contributed enormously. This inspiration is also evident in Greece today. So, next time we visit Greece, let us also identify the beauties and the greatness of the modern country and not only ancient Greece. 

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