Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nicholas Cabasilas: The Old and the New Adam

Who is Adam? Who is the Old and who the New Adam. Nicholas Cabasilas tackles this issue, claiming:

“Indeed man's nature was created in the beginning for the new man, and mind and desire toward the new man were built. We were given thinking in order to know Christ; desire, in order to run to Him; memory, to remember Him, because even in the time of our creation, it was He our archetype. Because it was not the old man the exemplar of the new, but the new Adam was the exemplar of the old. (...) And while the one brought in the imperfect life, that needs a thousand aids, the other became for men the father of immortal life. Our nature harried from the beginning to immortality, but it arrived afterwards in our Saviour’s body, who by himself resurrected it from the dead to the immortal life. He was the leader of immortality for our kind. And to complete my word, it was the Saviour first and only Him who showed us the real man, the perfect in ways and life and everything. (...)”

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