Saturday, December 28, 2013

The true faith of Christianity

The true faith, to be found within Christianity, is God’s Revelation towards mankind and not what man discovers on his own. God chose to reveal Himself not randomly, but to the Saints, the Fathers of the Church, and generally the people who were worthy to receive the word of God, the Revelation of God. This revelation, this true faith, has one purpose, the salvation of mankind, the communion between God and humanity, the deification of the human race. This Revelation is to be found within the Church, within its life and faith. The Saints are the perfect example of the grace of God within the created world, showing, even today, that salvation and deification is achievable by all faithful within the Church. 

St. Gregory Palamas adds to the above, claiming that ‘those who are of the Church of Christ are of the truth; and those who are not of the truth are also not of the Church of Christ’. Therefore, truth is to be found only within the Church. Any truth outside of the Church is merely false.

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