Thursday, December 19, 2013

Virgin Anafonitria Monastery

The Virgin Anafonitria Monastery is located in the North part of Zakynthos, near the famous Shipwreck Beach. One of the characteristics of the monastery is its medieval tower, built in the 15th Century. The tower, in part destroyed, has at the top four arches and a cross and it is used as the monastery’s bell tower, whereby in the past it had been built as a defensive wall. Inside the church there is an icon of the Virgin dated back to the 15th Century and it is of high value, coming from Constantinople. 

Here St. Dionysios took refuge and lived as a monk. This monastery is important because it was here that St Dionysios forgave his brother’s murderer and gave him refuge. He then helped him escape. This was an act which is very hard to grasp. It is apparent that only a holy man could have the spiritual and psychological power and will to forgive his own brother’s murderer.  

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